Thursday, October 8, 2009

whalton lane

Back in the day when Karen (my 3rd ex-wife), Maxine and I came to Key West, the first place we lived was a barely 12 x 12 one room "cottage" in a backyard on "Chapman" Lane in Bahama Village. We were there for our first 6 month in town which was long enough to make it worth the landlord's while and for us to get our bearings.

I'd never lived on a "Lane" before. "Chapman" Lane was a skinny little strip of asphalt, no sidewalk and less than a block long separated by Petronia St. and 3 feet to the right from "Baptist" Lane. The fact is that within the first 2 days we were there, our landlord's neighbors were complaining because these newcomers from the north had two cars. Parking is at a premium on a Key West Lane.

Before long, I met my good friend and phellow photograper, Richard Watherwax who lived in a house at the end of "Bakers" Lane. So right from the beginning, I was taken over by Key West Lane consciousness and have been exploring them all as I find them. "Hunt's" Lane, "Elgin" Lane, "Love" Lane, "Catholic" Lane, "Poorhouse" Lane and "Lowes" Lane (which I always pronounce, Lois Lane). I know a married couple named Karen and Bill Lane, but they live on a "street" and I keep hoping I'll stroll down "Memory" Lane but that's a long shot.

Some lanes are paved, others are not. Some lanes are shortcuts to somewhere else and some are dead-ends. Some lanes have handsome homes on them and others, not so much. So far as I can see, Key West Lanes are as diverse as Key West characters; save a single detail. . . Even though I've never been barked at, they all have "BEWARE OF DOG" signs.

Anyway, with lane on the brain, I thought, hmmm. . .
"Key West Lanes" is a great theme for a book.
Look for it around Christmas time.

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