Monday, October 5, 2009

duval street

Every time I hear any media knucklehead turn the phrase,
". . .from Wall Street to Main Street. . .", my mind remembers it's nights on Duval (as best it can) and I think, "I've got yer Main Street, right here!"

Duval Street is a two mile long chameleon. On a Saturday night, from the ocean to the gulf, it's a kickin', rockin' block party from sunset to closing time.

For me, it's been a while, but I've had my share of nights (and and just barely mornings) making the rounds until last call on Duval.

But then, the next Sunday morning, Duval Street is a quiet expression of Rockwellian gentility.
(talk about a geographic Jekyll & Hyde)

Since I've been out of circulation these past couple of months, I got curious to see if Captain Tony's, Sloppy Joe's, 801 & Aqua were still standing.

So, out & about I went and found that all were well and, Duval Street was in it's Sunday morning-after quietude.

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Charles said...

Very nice blogs. Love the photo's. All the best.